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Permit Center – Dallas | Acerts Inc.

  REASONS WHY IS BEST IN FORENSIC Our Forensic Structural Engineering Professional (P.E) group helped insurance companies, government agencies, architects and attorneys.  Acerts  owns number of testing laboratory, as well as our PE  practicing engineering, construction and legal professionals  and the “real-life laboratory” of the Dallas City design-construction environment makes us the perfect home for […]

Water Damaged Aircraft

The tradeoff with composites comes on the aftermarket side. Composites can be two to three times as difficult to repair as their aluminum counterparts said by Gary Carlsen (CEO). Composite repairs are very process-specific, he explained, and the process can differ from part to part, airplane to airplane. This multiplicity of unique processes is an […]

Water damage to your home can be expensive and time-consuming to repair

Dallas is also included in the semiarid southern region of the United States, where homes are more susceptible to foundation problems. The “expansive soils” in our area have an active layer that shrinks and expands with rain and drought. The weather extreme conditions if not mitigated result in a movement of a part or your […]

The tradeoff with composites

The devastating floods wrought by Hurricane Harvey grounded flights and shut down operations in Houston Texas, relief funds are available!  Acerts Inc. Operations

Wind Turbine Service Specials Price

Acerts | Turbine Prevention Services We can protect your components by developing serious. Our aircraft experience based Inspections are FLYBY Drones are very accurate and inexpensive service to assess how you can take a proactive approach to minimize or even prevent serious damage to your components. Early discovery of potential damages contributes to the extension […]

Residential and Commercial Inspection

Services Special Low Price Examination by a licensed engineer to address concerns or appraisal and under-writing requirements. Structural Inspections – Engineer can evaluate and design structural changes or possible problems with properties.   Codes require an Engineer’s approval of changes in structural integrity like wall or beam removals. We also offers Roads, Side walk and Bridge […]