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Your needs are a point of reference, as well as a challenge to us. Make the most of our technical know-how, and tap into our great innovative energy and our excellent knowledge of the industry. Experience our versatility for yourself.

Our technical skill, quality and innovation, We get things moving: take advantage of our expertise. Our from highly-developed complete solutions to special drives and individual components in the output range up to 45 MW. We offer a comprehensive range of services including drones monitoring, and will do everything possible to ensure that our products optimise your industrial value-added processes and thus contribute to your success. We can respond quickly and flexibly to your needs and are constantly seeking to upgrade our tried and tested products, and to develop new pioneering products for our industry. We achieve this primarily by building upon our innovative cutting-edge technologies and materials.  At A_Cert its drones to look for cracks in wind turbine blades, which can hang hundreds of feet above the ground. Major oil companies has deployed A_Cert drones and thermal cameras in Alaska to scan oil pipelines for hot spots that may indicate structural weaknesses.

Thanks to our highly effective electrical and mechanical design departments at heavy industry Gear Box manufacturing in MI, wind power generators can be tailored to meet the individual needs of their operators; our development departments work hand in hand with partners from the areas of science and research. The resulting products are among the technical leaders in the market, and will play a major part in providing a benchmark for the next generation of products for wind power plants. An important factor in our success – quite apart from our flexibility, vertical range of manufacture, modern technology and quality awareness  is our highly-qualified and motivated workforce. This ensures that our customers benefit from continuity and dependability in the long term.

Wind Power Financing

Acerts offers a lower, predictable cost of energy with no upfront costs. Learn more about our windpower commercial financing.  $0.0 no upfront cost to you. Wind power Lease $0.0 no upfront cost to you. 

Automatic Activation.

OUR power guide comes standard with all Acerts power systems. We install the hardware at no extra cost, and it’s activated automatically when your system is turned on. You can view your power system performance at easy access around the clock and converted in dollars into your Bank account

Acerts provides unprecedented visibility into your system’s power generation and your operation’s energy consumption. It provides around the clock  of your system’s key solar performance metrics to ensure your systems are producing as promised and automatically notifies us if it isn’t, so we can address any issue

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The industrial applications of our electrical machines and the years of experience which feed into their design have proved invaluable when developing and precision manufacturing our wind power generators in particular. Our product line of double-fed wind power generators can be customized as required. The close cooperation we enjoy with leading manufacturers of frequency converters means that optimal solutions can be found for every plant configuration. Wind power generators are adapted to meet individual customer requirements by our technical engineering department, based on the standard components of electrical machinery manufactured by Hanson Heavy industry. The application of modern electrical design programs optimum efficiency, even in the partial load range, and reduced noise levels. Specific site conditions (weak electricity networks, reactive power to other grid codes). The life of the generator is motorized through weekly maintenance report of the all the wind mill parts by internet if you sign up our lifetime warranty plan, depending on the respective nacelle design.

Double-fed 2.5 MW wind power generators designed for a voltage level of 3.3 kV have been designed for offshore and output 25.2 MW, and for a generator output of 5.4 MW, This wind power generator with its rated voltage of 950 V has also been developed for offshore use. There are now several thousand wind power generators in operation throughout the world. Double-fed machines with a capacity of 1.5 MW in particular have been series produced for years and are supplying the grid with the power they generate, a case in point being the large US wind farms in CA and TX. Please call us for price and availability.


A cert Inc. is Hanson heavy industry the leading wind mill company we provide servicer for our buyers and sellers in the wind turbine aftermarket. On our platform, there are more than 10,000 parts, for faster service immediately contact our team. On the platform you will find more than 10,000 new, used and refurbished spare parts suitable for wind turbines manufactured by Vestas, Gamesa, GE and others. All the products are provided by the best suppliers, carefully reviewed by the Spares in Motion team, to guarantee reliability and transparency.

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