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Acerts education scholarship is one of our powerful investment in our future, Accessibility and working with top educational institutes is our goal. Our underground scholarships to ensure that prime students from around and beyond must have access to the high-quality education. Our scholarship student assistance today are more engaged, more thoughtful and more passionate. We understand the value of a college education, and we work hard to get everything possible in our range. This investment ensures that great potential is not left unrealized because of an inability to bear the cost of a university education. Our group believe that education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future great. 

Three in 10 business professionals think most of their meetings are pointless and nearly half (48 percent) of business people admit to having dozed off in a meeting claims global research. The study revealed the true extent of our shared dislike for business meetings, which many respondents believe are poorly run at best or, at worst, completely pointless. Nearly a third of respondents globally said they found less than half of their meetings to be useful, while 30 percent also said they had dozed off in a meeting before. In fact, led the way in the asleep-in-meeting stakes, with nearly half (48 percent) respondents saying they’d fallen asleep in meetings. Checking emails and social media during meetings was also extremely common and another indication of disengagement and distraction. Over 75 percent of people said they regularly checked emails during meetings, while 39 percent access social media

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