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Our Forensic Structural Engineering Professional (P.E) group helped insurance companies, government agencies, architects and attorneys.  Acerts  owns number of testing laboratory, as well as our PE  practicing engineering, construction and legal professionals  and the “real-life laboratory” of the Dallas City design-construction environment makes us the perfect home for this innovative program. Our PE engineer’s success in the field of forensic engineering is the result of the combination of many components: first, a good education in engineering and experience and its related subjects; then years of hands-on experience in analysis, design, construction, testing, inspection, condition assessment, and trouble-shooting; understanding of the design-construction process;  comprehension of legal implications; good communication skills; a knack for problem solving;   a positive attitude to team work; a strong sense of ethics; self-confidence without arrogance;  confident and credible disposition; and a high level of intellectual sophistication.  Some of these traits can be learned but some are ingrained or acquired. Our concentration would provide the “learning” and a few other attributes.