Our Company |Acert

Acerts Inc. Provides technical assistance to federal agencies  and highly professional to meet their most critical challenges. One of our division dedicated to providing exceptional services such as Cyber Technology and Cisco networking hardware support 24 x 7 days to meet the dynamic capital and training needs of the Federal Government. We are uniquely positioned to provide agencies speed up to mission in meeting their most pressing challenges through our pre-competed contracts. Last 15 years A-Certs has been providing most challenging solutions to high advanced industry especially composite aircrafts structures, Green energy including oil and Gas linking our IT technology since its founding. The company’s goal continues to be to provide the support you need, whether you are an OEM, third-party maintenance organization, airline or other organization that requires highly skilled technical personnel.

Keeping highly trained IT professional and Engineers or FAA DER’s on staff can be an expensive proposition, especially when many disciplines are required. Our network of DER’s can provide this service for either one-time approvals or on a long-term basis. With ACerts, you pay for the DER service only when you need it and you don’t have to carry the costs of a large staff of DER’s on your payroll. We provide DER services for virtually any situation.