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Residential and Commercial Inspection

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Examination by a licensed engineer to address concerns or appraisal and under-writing requirements. Structural Inspections – Engineer can evaluate and design structural changes or possible problems with properties.   Codes require an Engineer’s approval of changes in structural integrity like wall or beam removals. We also offers Roads, Side walk and Bridge Codes require an Engineer’s approval Letter

Foundation Inspections – Engineer can examine foundation cracks, wall movement and floor slabs to determine if on-going movement or deterioration has caused the need for structural repair.  Foundation repair company SALES PEOPLE will make recommendations that are often not necessary or are exaggerated.   Our unbiased Structural Engineer will evaluate, calculate and recommend only necessary and prudent repairs.

Grade and Drainage Inspections – Improper grade and drainage can be damaging to the structural integrity of a property.

Roof Inspections – Engineers are the roofing industry experts in condition assessment and/or cause and origin of damage.   Insurance companies recognize the unbiased third party Engineer expert opinion. Ads.