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  • Crash and Thermal: LS_DYNA | advanced general-purpose multiphysics simulation
  • FEMAP | Patran | Static Problems
  • Linear and Nonlinear Steady State Analysis
  • Transient Analysis Composite Analyss
  • 1D, 2D, and 3D Analysis Techniques
  • Isotropic, Anisotropic, and Time-Dependent Materials
  • All Hyper Mash mashing and PrePost done Dallas in USA

Ballistic Testing and Evaluation Services

At Acerts Inc. We do combustion, grain design and performance analysis of solid rocket motor and igniter propellant grains testing. In conjunction with ballistic testing requirements and FEM crash simulation using LS_dyna, we have developed rocket motor used in the preliminary designs through a series of trades for the optimum system solution using stress software to predict accurately. Develops mehear thodologies and models for the performance prediction of sub and full scale solid rocket motor test firings and conducts subsequent post firing correlation analysis. Evaluates post fire analysis data for rocket motor combustion characteristics. Prepares impact blast analysis with Engineering Drawings and Specification Documentation relating to solid rocket propellant grains and dispositions loaded motor and/or propellant related issues. We coordinates pertinent design requirements for solid motor grains with manufacturing personnel and assists in the definition of associated tooling and manufacturing processes. Evaluates material obsolescence issues related to propellant and motor performance

FEM Modeling Guidelines Document

Aerospace USAF has produce an evolving set of guidelines for modeling dynamic aerospace‐type problems with FEM. These guidelines are not meant to limit analysts in their approach to a specific problem, but instead are intended to assist them in getting started and to serve as a basis of comparison when evaluating results from new or unproven modeling techniques

Human Models for Crash and Impact Simulation

Ballistic impact bio mechanics to the consequences of real world passenger car accidents on human occupants, using computer models in numerical simulations with industrial crash codes. The corresponding developments are illustrated on the subject of safety simulations of human passenger car occupants. With some adaptations, the developed models apply equally well to the simulation of pedestrian accidents and to the design for occupant safety of motorbikes, trucks, railway vehicles, airborne vehicles, seagoing vessels and more. The human models elaborated in the chapter belong to the class of finite element models. They can be adapted, specialized and packaged for other industrial applications in human ergonomics and comfort analysis and design, in situations where humans operate at their work place, as military combatants, or in sports and leisure activities and more. In the medical field, bio mechanical human models can serve as a basis for the simulation and design of orthopedic prostheses, for bone fracture planning, physical rehabilitation analysis, the simulation of blood flow, artificial blood vessels, artificial heart valves, bypass operations, and heart muscle activity, and virtual organ surgery.

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